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the missing art of horsemanship

The Missing Art of Horsemanship

by Katherine Barbarite
Learn Partnership and Confidence Building methods
Connect with the Mind the Feet will Follow

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HorsebackRidingNewYork.com allows horse lovers and occasional riders to review local equestrian businesses and equine events or to submit private messages to business listing owners and managers.

Writing a fair and accurate review is simple. Read the guidelines below to understand the types of content that might contribute to helping the equestrian industry and local stables on our site.

How to post a review?

  • Create an account or login to your existing account.
  • Search for the location by business name or zip code.
  • Click on the name of the business to go to its page.
  • Rate different aspects of the place using the 1 to 5 star scale.
  • Write any information that will be helpful to other users.
  • When you’re done, click “Submit Review”.
  • Any reviews will be public and linked to your public profile.

Review Guidelines

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We welcome our visitors and horse fans to share their experiences with stables and businesses. Reviews offer helpful tips and details to other consumers and riders.

After you’ve been horseback riding or have used any business services, you can write a detailed review to let others know about your experience. You need to create an account and to be signed in to write reviews. Once you’re signed in, just follow these steps:

Talk about your personal experience: We want to hear about your own experience as a consumer by sharing your story without any generalizations or biases. Each review must be factual and reflect your honest opinion. We expect users to take responsibility for their reviews.

Event Guidelines

Horse Show

Heard about a horse show happening in your stable or near your town? Submit it to the Events tab. Posting horse shows and local events is free.
Business owners should be getting in on the act too. Some words of wisdom:

General Guidelines

Relevance is key to us. Stay relevant and appropriate.
Please do not engage in:

  • Inappropriate content: Using a sense of humor or imagery is fine, but there is no need for threats or harassment. Any inappropriate reviews will be deleted.
  • Conflicts of interest: Business owners should not post a review of their own business.
  • Privacy and Intellectual property: Please note that publishing other people’s private information will not be tolerated. Please do not refer to full names unless you’re referring to business or service providers who are publicly identified by their full names. Please do not duplicate content from other sites or users. Take a few minutes to write your own review.

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